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The Neurosmith team combines deep domain expertise in neuroscience, imaging technology and AI with experienced startup operations
Nicco Reggente, PhD

Chief Science Officer & Co-Founder

  • Leading expert in the field of neuroimaging and cognitive neuroscience

  • Author of 20+ research articles on uses of machine learning and  brain imaging 


  • Co-founder of multiple biotech related companies

Adam Gerstein

CEO and Co-Founder

  • Seasoned 5x startup veteran and operator 

  • 15+ years experience as startup CxO

  • Helped build & launch numerous successful startups in the life science, consumer and B2B industries.

  • Former Bain & Co strategy consultant

Amy Zheng Headshot B&W.jpg
Amy Zheng, PhD

Chief Research Officer & Co-Founder

  • Lead research scientist at Casa Colina - specializing in brain injury research and treatment


  • Experienced neuroscience/ imaging specialist and published researched author

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