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Accelerating the cure for cognitive disease

Neurosmith Health is changing the way we fight cognitive disease. 

Our technology leverages AI and advanced brain imaging data to help accelerate drug development, reduce healthcare costs, and optimize patient outcomes.

What We Do

Neurosmith Health's team of experienced Neurology PhDs and Data Scientists leverage deep industry experience and machine learning to transform brain imaging data into clinically valid measurements of cognitive function.


DRUG r&d

Cognitive metrics can detect impact and efficacy in a fraction of the time of current measurement systems, allowing misfires to 'fail faster', and more granular documentation of successes

HealthCare Providers

Early detection and optimizing treatment plans can radically reduce healthcare costs for cognitive disease


Neurosmith provides the analytics tool to develop & monitor personalized treatment plans based on patient’s specific cognitive needs

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The patterns in these metrics can be used as digital biomarkers for cognitive disease, help accelerate drug R&D, and guide optimal patient treatment plans.

Who We Help


For more information or press inquiries, please reach out to: 

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